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We have a extensive range of mainly UK cheeses in our counter in our farmshop. Many made using our award winning milk. We are please to offer you a selection on our click and collect website  shop. 
Laceys cheeses
Snowdonia 3 pack

We are very lucky that several local cheese makers use our milk to make amazing and award winning cheeses. In this box is a selection of the range

Barkham Blue -  rich blue taste, smooth buttery texture 

Waterloo - semi soft cheese with rich creamy flavour

Cygnet- creamy soft cheese can be baked like Camembert

Regatta - hard aged Gouda style cheese

Father Thames - A semi hard Stilton style cheese, 

Trio of Snowdonia Cheeses 200g each

Black Bomber- Extra Mature Cheddar

Red Storm - Vintage Red Leicester

 Beechwood - Naturally Smoked Mature Cheddar

A Classic Cheese Board Selection
The Best Sellers Selection

Cheddar ,Brie &  Blue with Crackers & Chutney

Black Bomber - Mature Cheddar

Waterloo - made from Laceys Milk - Creamy soft cheese

Barkham Blue - made with laceys milk a creamy blue 

Peters Yard Crackers

Cheese board Chutney

Goat Selection

Rosary - soft goats cheese

Rosary with garlic & herbs - flavoured goats cheese

Quickies Goat Cheese - a hard cheese

Sheep Selection

Spenwood - hard cheese made from sheeps milks

Wigmore - soft cheese made from sheeps milk 

Chilten Cloud - made from ewes milk from Stokenchurch

Godminster -  strong organic cheddar

Brie - 

Barkham Blue - creamy blue made from laceys milk 

Shipton Blue - buffallo milk 

Ingle White Goat - hard goats cheese

Applewood - smoked semi soft cheddar

Charcoal Cheddar - something differrent 

Crackers & Chutney

Peters Yard Selection box

Round Sour Dough Crackers

Cheese Board Chutney

selection of mini chutneys 

No cows milk

Shipton Blue - semi soft made with buffalo milk

Inglewhite buffallo - hard  made with baffallo milk 

Rosary - soft cheese made goat milk 

Spenwood - made with sheeps milk 

Wigmore - soft cheese made with cows milk 

Quickies - hard cheese made with goats milk 

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